About In Bliss

What In Bliss means to me!

lisa hills

In Bliss is all about Holistic Healing!

Assisting my clients in the process of self discovery!

Helping them acknowledge past experiences and patterns, addressing them and helping them with their priorities and individual aspirations in order to achieve a fulfilled life is my Passion! 
As a holistic practitioner I work with the body mind connection through coaching, massage and bodywork.

It is extremely powerful and seeing the piece and clarity on my clients faces when they leave after receiving a treatment or session and the emotional and physical shifts that occur are amazing.

- Lisa Hills

"Healing with Lisa 

Wow!! Lisa is simply amazing at her specialised work! I have worked with Lisa over the past few years & I am forever grateful to have been guided by her! 

A beautiful soul, friend & very relatable person when counselling me through these dark pains from childhood to life up until now. 
I haven’t been able to face these on my own, & with Lisa’s body work support & straight up advice, I have over come many fears I once held so close to me for protection. 

Lisa is One of the only people on earth thus far, who can take me to the depths of my being & call me out on any unnecessary bulls**** & blockages! 

I have had Kahuna massages from Lisa, reiki & coaching! My body & mind were very thankful afterwards! 

I am always astounded with the positive progress after another session with Lisa, without Lisa on my journey, I would be in a very different place right now. 

I couldn’t recommend Lisa & her beautiful studio enough! Forever grateful for a strong life healer & friend! 

Thank you Lisa! 

Sophie. 23 yrs old. Canberra "