Emotional Awareness 
for Every Body

An interactive and transformative workshop!
Getting to know your masculine and feminine and how your emotions impact your physical body!
Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes!
No one likes living with Dis-Ease in their body, so what can you do to feel fulfilled?
Every word you speak, every feeling or thought you have is a voice within trying to tell you something!
Are You Listening?
If you learn to listen to the messages and communication within your own body-mind you can then truly learn to understand yourself. Are you ready to acknowledge and accept, feel full and allow yourself to understand what your body is telling you?

Master The True You!

Every feeling of thought you have is a voice with trying to guide you on your right path!

People often struggle around being clear with their vision setting and seeing their true potential.

This workshop will assist you to understand how your behaviours and beliefs in life are driven by your unique value system.

Having clarity around your values can direct you towards your true purpose and mission.

By determining your highest values and setting realistic goals will give you a clear vision of your future and help you remove any self imposed boundaries!